1. Are we part of the problem, or will we be part of the solution? 

    In the second WHO Speaks campaign, we challenge ourselves and others to reflect on the ways in which rape culture permeates through our daily thoughts and actions. When we see, hear, or experience aspects that contribute to rape culture, how do we react? Do we ignore it and accept aggression against women as part of the norm? By tolerating these aggressions against women, we contribute to rape culture as well by excusing it and propagating it. Through these posters, we want each of us to ask ourselves: How do I stop contributing to rape culture? How can I change? How will I be a part of the solution?

  3. "And we’re scrutinized down to the smallest details." 

  4. "Chubby cheeks."

  5. "I can’t wait to have kids, but this is just not a compliment."


  6. young-man-old-soul said: are males allowed to submit?

    Yes, we welcome submissions from everyone. The issue of body image affects many people.

  7. "Short, fat, bowlegged" — Says My Mom


  8. Anonymous said: Do you need to be from Duke to submit?

    We invite submissions from anyone!

  9. WHO SPEAKS asks you to speak!
    What have you heard? Tell us the words that have impacted your body image, and we’ll feature them here on our page.

    1. Pick your pen
    2. Write what you have heard
    3. Submit your photo


  10. Who or what created the ideal image?

    What are the consequences if we don’t fit the ideal image?